VoyageLA: Exploring Life & Business with Poopeh R Sigari the owner of Love La Fête

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VoyageLA Exploring Life & Business with Poopeh R Sigari of Love La Fête

     Today we’d like to introduce you to Poopeh R Sigari.

Hi Poopeh, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I am a mom to two handsome boys nine and four years old who keep me super busy and on my toes. I grew up in Iran and studied in the UK, and I moved to the US ten years ago to start a new life with my husband who I met in Iran. Transitioning to a new life in a new country is never easy, and it certainly wasn’t for me, but with anything, over time I found my way here in Los Angeles.

Ever since becoming a mom, one of my passions has been to create unique and memorable experiences for my kids through planning and hosting themed birthday parties and events. For me, it was never enough to just put out some balloons and some decorations. I was meticulous about planning the theme and orchestrating the event around the theme. However, I quickly realized that the market is missing an offering that allows moms to pull together these themes quickly and easily. As a child, I was always attracted to Stationary stores with their endless supplies of colorful paper, pens and other materials. Even today when I visit stationary stores, the sights and smells take me back to my childhood days when I would visit the small boutiques in the streets of Tehran. A few years ago, my passion for kids and my innate attraction to paper products inspired my idea of Love La Fête. I began by scouring the internet and identifying global suppliers that provide the unique products that I always wished I could access when planning my parties.

In 2019, I began developing the idea further and started working on a site and building inventory. Unfortunately, like so many businesses, I launched my business just prior to the COVID Pandemic. Clearly, parties were no longer a priority for many, and the business was slow to start. However, I took this as an opportunity to focus more on my product offerings and my social media presence. I’m confident that when COVID passes, parties will be back better than before, and I want to be there for my customers when they are ready.

MARCH 1, 2021

Photo Credit: Shani Barel

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